Pelican Storm Case

When you’re traveling, either by car or by plane, and you’re bringing sensitive items with you it’s always advisable to place them in their own special case. Packing sensitive or fragile items in your luggage is never advisable, no matter how securely packed they seem to be. Handling your case might seem like a no-brainer to you, but there are times when you may not be in total control of your belongings and other people will be handling your case.

Traveling in Your Car
In the event of a car accident, you certainly don’t want just anyone to be able to access your more sensitive items. If you’re unconscious after an accident this may be a reality if you’ve chosen a case that is easily accessed by anyone. You really need to have a case that is equal or greater in protection to the importance of the belongings you’ll place in it. While you don’t have as many restrictions on what you carry with you in interstate travel in a vehicle, you still need to make sure that your items are as secure as they possibly can be. High temperatures can also damage many types of cases when left in a vehicle, especially in the sun. It isn’t just accidents on the road that you need to be concerned about.

Traveling by Plane
When traveling by air, temperatures are often extremely cold in the cargo hold of the plane, and your case needs to be able to withstand very low temperatures instead of really high ones. Also, airline travel sets your belongings up for a tremendous beating. From the time you check your bag to the time you pick it up at your destination, your luggage, including cases marked ‘fragile,’ have been thrown onto conveyor belts, dropped onto concrete, kicked aside, slid, and buried under other pieces of luggage. During this time, your luggage is opened and inspected. Your luggage’s contents are removed and rarely placed back how they were originally packed by you. This can lead to breakage of fragile items during the rest of handling, or even during your flight when luggage may shift.

For All Types of Travel and During Storage
You need to have a good case that is rugged, dependable, and also able to withstand extremes in weather conditions. There are few cases out there that are strong and dependable and also are easily carried or wheeled behind you. There is one case that exceeds many industry standards and that is the Pelican Storm case. It’s not just able to withstand the high or low temperatures many cases would fall apart at, but it’s also airtight. This means that not only dust and sand cannot penetrate, but also that water cannot get in, either.

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How Important Wedding Photography Actually Is

What do you feel whenever you are looking at the old photo albums and you find the photos when you were younger and when you were at your happiest because you were having your wedding? It’s totally nostalgic and it will be able to bring back every each sweet memory about such event. It’s really sweet indeed and sometimes, you may be tearing because it’s really moving.

To be that nostalgic is always fun and nice and it’s going to be even better if you have someone beside you whom you want to share such nostalgic moment. For instance, you have your grandchildren beside you when you are opening the photo album. You can use the moment to tell the story about when you were younger and how happy you were to meet their grandfather. Without any of your consideration, you also share such happy moments to your beloved people and it can really inspire them. You will surely feel grateful to have ever used the help from certain wedding photography service. If you didn’t have it, there’s no way for you to enjoy such nostalgic moment. That is why it can be said that wedding photography service is really important in order to make sure you are going to be able to have such nice documentation for the future.

The service like what is offered by Pittsburgh wedding photography is really nice for sure. Remember that wedding is such a special moment. Even better, it is one of the most special moments in your life. If such moment is let without any documentation, it is totally a shame. That is why if you are in the middle of preparing your wedding, don’t forget to get the best wedding photography or else, it’s going to be regretful for you in the future. Once again, don’t let your sweet and romantic wedding go away without any documentation.

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Interested in Polaroid Photography? Get the Camera Now

Are you keen on photography? Well, it is actually really normal for you to have such interest because photography is surely a great hobby to do. You also know that from such hobby, you are also able to earn some money as long as you are good enough in dealing with it. Of course, it is all only possible if you have already got the right gears to help you enjoy photography.

In the field of photography, to be honest, there are so many kinds of style like how you may be interested in polaroid photography. Yes, this kind of photography is believed to be a lot much more challenging. The first is the fact that you need to be so precise in capturing the moment in order to make sure you can have great result of the photography.

And the second is related to the fact that there is no way for you to re-touch the photography result. Thus, it is so authentic. If you are interested to do this kind of photography hobby, try to check out and get the gears. Mostly, you need to know the price of a polaroid camera so you will learn how much money you should spend to get it. Once you have it, you are ready to have fun with it.

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GoPro and Henry’s Team Up This Thursday

zxcIf summer is when you travel the most and have the most adventures, there’s probably no better time to get your hands on a GoPro. And part of the beauty of a GoPro is that it’s multi-functional – it shoots great photos and great videos, but best of all – this happens in one tiny package.

But, capturing all of your summer memories is just the first step towards creating something really cool with your GoPro. To make those shots and videos really Insta-worthy, or worthy of whatever social media you intend to share them on, you need to have a few more tools up your sleeve, and you can find all those tools in the GoPro Studio software.

GoPro Studio makes it super easy to import what you’ve captured, play back videos, view your photos, and make high quality videos. If you want to start from scratch, GoPro Studio helps you edit your photos and clips, set them to music, and add titles. You can also adjust playback speeds with Flux, which makes transitioning between those speeds really smooth. There are also tons of great templates with music and effects that you can overlay your media over. No matter what you choose, you’ll end up with media of a seriously superior quality, and it won’t cost you anything – downloading GoPro Studio is completely free.

Even more good news: if you’ve already downloaded GoPro Studio and spent some time using it, but still feel like there’s more you could be doing, Henry’s is ready to help you take your GoPro photo and video editing to the next level. This Thursday, the downtown Toronto Henry’s at Queen and Church is offering three sessions with U.S. GoPro specialist Nick Berger. He’ll be on site, teaching GoPro owners how to get the most out of their cameras and GoPro Studio with his three-step system – viewing and trimming, editing, and exporting. The final goal is to get that GoPro media to go viral.

Sessions are at 11 AM, 5 PM, and 6:30 PM, and you can register via EventBrite at this link. Also, like any Henry’s event, you’ll be able to enter to win lots of great prizes while you’re learning, like GoPro gift cards and accessories. Don’t forget to download GoPro Studio before you head in to Henry’s on Thursday, and make sure to bring some of the great stuff you’ve already captured this summer on your GoPro to increase your chances of winning.


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Simple Accounting Spreadsheets for Photographers

If you are running a business, no matter what kind of business that you run, you need to be able to deal with accounting properly. The reason being is because it will help you to trace back every transaction (money in and out) which is related to the operation of your business. However, unfortunately, not all people are able to cope with it. Sometimes, the field of the business is too “far away” from accounting field.

Take the example of how you are a photographer and you run a photography service like wedding photography, event photography, and the likes. Of course, you need to deal with accounting so you can figure out about your financial mileage. However, what can you do since you are a photographer instead of an accountant?

For this matter, you can try to get the help from This tool is able to provide simple accounting spreadsheets for photographers which make it possible for you to take care of the accounting of your company properly. It will not be troublesome for you and the result will be so fantastic. Once you have done with the accounting, it will be easier for you to trace back your money and at the same time, it will also be easier for you to develop your business based on the accounting history.

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