Best Ways to Use Liquitex Matte Medium

plaza2Liquitex is one of the top names in painting and art supplies. In addition to its superior acrylic paints, the company also sells gels, mediums, varnishes and more. You can stock your entire artist’s toolbox with these quality products.

Liquitex matte medium should be considered an essential “must have.” You can use the medium in a variety of ways in your painting to help you achieve the effects you want. You can shop for it online at or pick it up at a local hobby shop. Here are just a few of the best ways to use LIquitex matte medium:

Thin Out Paints

If you want to achieve an almost translucent effect with your paints, you will need to thin them down. Adding water can change the composition of the paint, causing it to lose its luster or to separate. Instead, you can add Liquitex matte medium to your paints to thin them out without losing any of their color or their properties. The medium will also slow the drying process, which can allow you to do more things with your paint, such as create blending, shadows, and more.

Prepare the Surface

Acrylic paints need a good surface to get good results. The surface should be smooth and allow the paints to go on evenly – unless you’re going for a more rustic or primitive look. If you’re trying to create realism or fine details, you’ll need the smoother surface. You can paint the whole canvas with the Liquitex matte medium or just the parts where you want the smoother surface. You can either allow the Liquitex matte medium to dry before you start painting, or you can paint right onto the slightly wet medium, giving you more options for blending and creating unique effects.

Seal or Varnish Your Painting

Once you’ve finished your painting, you’ll need to seal it to protect the paints from environmental elements like dust and light. Otherwise, your painting will break down over time, and you’ll lose all that hard work. You can use Liquitex matte medium as a varnish for your painting, also giving it a smooth surface. The matte finish means that you won’t create a sheen for the painting the way some varnishes can do.

Liquitex matte medium has a variety of uses that can help you achieve more effects with your painting, as well as make your work easier. You can even use it to seal in and protect your painting.

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