GoPro and Henry’s Team Up This Thursday

zxcIf summer is when you travel the most and have the most adventures, there’s probably no better time to get your hands on a GoPro. And part of the beauty of a GoPro is that it’s multi-functional – it shoots great photos and great videos, but best of all – this happens in one tiny package.

But, capturing all of your summer memories is just the first step towards creating something really cool with your GoPro. To make those shots and videos really Insta-worthy, or worthy of whatever social media you intend to share them on, you need to have a few more tools up your sleeve, and you can find all those tools in the GoPro Studio software.

GoPro Studio makes it super easy to import what you’ve captured, play back videos, view your photos, and make high quality videos. If you want to start from scratch, GoPro Studio helps you edit your photos and clips, set them to music, and add titles. You can also adjust playback speeds with Flux, which makes transitioning between those speeds really smooth. There are also tons of great templates with music and effects that you can overlay your media over. No matter what you choose, you’ll end up with media of a seriously superior quality, and it won’t cost you anything – downloading GoPro Studio is completely free.

Even more good news: if you’ve already downloaded GoPro Studio and spent some time using it, but still feel like there’s more you could be doing, Henry’s is ready to help you take your GoPro photo and video editing to the next level. This Thursday, the downtown Toronto Henry’s at Queen and Church is offering three sessions with U.S. GoPro specialist Nick Berger. He’ll be on site, teaching GoPro owners how to get the most out of their cameras and GoPro Studio with his three-step system – viewing and trimming, editing, and exporting. The final goal is to get that GoPro media to go viral.

Sessions are at 11 AM, 5 PM, and 6:30 PM, and you can register via EventBrite at this link. Also, like any Henry’s event, you’ll be able to enter to win lots of great prizes while you’re learning, like GoPro gift cards and accessories. Don’t forget to download GoPro Studio before you head in to Henry’s on Thursday, and make sure to bring some of the great stuff you’ve already captured this summer on your GoPro to increase your chances of winning.


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