How to Edit Your Photo’s Background Using Adobe Photoshop

Photo Editing

Do you have a great object as the main point of your photo but you are not really that satisfied with the background? Well, you should not feel sad about it because you can simply deal with such situation by editing the background. How can you cope with this? To be honest, it is really easy. All you need to do is to use Adobe Photoshop software and please bear in mind about the version you are using. Here are the steps in editing photo’s background.

-       Open the photo that you are going to edit

Make sure you open the photo that you are going to edit. About the size of the opened window, it is up to the size of the photo.

-       Make selection to the main object of the photo

Let’s start making selection. Selection has function to determine the area that you are going to edit. In this case, the main object of the photo. Take the example of a photo with a picture of a child in it. You can make selection to the child picture using lasso tool or pen tool. Once everything has been done, you can find the object is surrounded with red line. The objects without any red line will not be selected and thus, will not be edited.

-       Open the new background you want to use

Now, you can open the new background using another layer.

-       Join the background with the selected object using layers

The last phase is to join the selected object with the new background. You can simply drag and drop the selected object to the new background or you can do copy and paste.

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