Pelican Storm Case

When you’re traveling, either by car or by plane, and you’re bringing sensitive items with you it’s always advisable to place them in their own special case. Packing sensitive or fragile items in your luggage is never advisable, no matter how securely packed they seem to be. Handling your case might seem like a no-brainer to you, but there are times when you may not be in total control of your belongings and other people will be handling your case.

Traveling in Your Car
In the event of a car accident, you certainly don’t want just anyone to be able to access your more sensitive items. If you’re unconscious after an accident this may be a reality if you’ve chosen a case that is easily accessed by anyone. You really need to have a case that is equal or greater in protection to the importance of the belongings you’ll place in it. While you don’t have as many restrictions on what you carry with you in interstate travel in a vehicle, you still need to make sure that your items are as secure as they possibly can be. High temperatures can also damage many types of cases when left in a vehicle, especially in the sun. It isn’t just accidents on the road that you need to be concerned about.

Traveling by Plane
When traveling by air, temperatures are often extremely cold in the cargo hold of the plane, and your case needs to be able to withstand very low temperatures instead of really high ones. Also, airline travel sets your belongings up for a tremendous beating. From the time you check your bag to the time you pick it up at your destination, your luggage, including cases marked ‘fragile,’ have been thrown onto conveyor belts, dropped onto concrete, kicked aside, slid, and buried under other pieces of luggage. During this time, your luggage is opened and inspected. Your luggage’s contents are removed and rarely placed back how they were originally packed by you. This can lead to breakage of fragile items during the rest of handling, or even during your flight when luggage may shift.

For All Types of Travel and During Storage
You need to have a good case that is rugged, dependable, and also able to withstand extremes in weather conditions. There are few cases out there that are strong and dependable and also are easily carried or wheeled behind you. There is one case that exceeds many industry standards and that is the Pelican Storm case. It’s not just able to withstand the high or low temperatures many cases would fall apart at, but it’s also airtight. This means that not only dust and sand cannot penetrate, but also that water cannot get in, either.

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