Photography, Lighting, and Timing: Learn More about It


Do you realize that lighting is one most important thing you need to consider whenever you are dealing with photography? If you do not realize it, you better pay more attention to it so you can get better picture results. In dealing with the lighting, you should not only pay attention to the lighting source. Even though it is necessary but it is not all. There is another thing you should consider in getting the best lighting and it is about timing. Here are the explanations about photography, lighting, and timing.

-       If you are using artificial lighting source like lamp, make sure it works properly whenever you are having photography session.

-       If you are using flash light, especially the separated one, you should check that the flash light can work perfectly. It will be pointless if your camera lens shutter has worked but the flash is having delay. The result of your photos will not be great.

-       In relation to the timing, you should understand the term Golden Hour. It refers to the best timing you should use to take your photos. Golden Hour is divided into two. The first is in the morning. It is approximately about 7 – 9 a.m. And the second is in the afternoon when the sun is going to set.

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