Play with Shutter Speed Feature

Shutter Speed Feature

If you like photography, then, you should be really familiar with the term shutter speed. Shutter speed refers to the speed of your lens to open. Of course, without any doubt, it will affect the quality of the picture you are taking especially to the objects located in a place with minimum light. Here, we are going to talk about how to use the shutter speed feature of your camera to capture photos in the night.

-       Use smallest ISO

Related to the speed of the camera to capture the object, especially under minimum light, you should use smallest ISO so the object can be captured properly.

-       Use bigger shutter speed

Bigger shutter speed will allow you to capture better photos so the result will not be blurry.

-       Do not use flash light

Many people tend to use flash light whenever they are taking pictures under minimum light. If you do not want to destroy the color of the night lamp’s light, then you should not do it. Disabling the flash light will make it possible for you to capture the natural color which will definitely affect the quality of the pictures later on.

-       Do some experiments

Do not be afraid to do some experiments. It is okay for you to use bigger ISO or smaller shutter speed to capture different photo effects. Take the example of the slower speed which will allow you to capture some lines of light from the moving vehicles.

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